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The Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet Online Shop

Please contact Beatrice Hole for information regarding these items at

Unless otherwise noted, please send orders to:
Beatrice Hole
6560 Leesborough Avenue
Eden Prarie, MN 55346


Psalmodikon Songbook

3rd Edition - 2014 Psalmodikon Songbook. Includes 95 songs in 4-part harmony, plus history.

$15.00 each
$ 7.20 Packaging & Postage
$22.20 Total



New CD!
Psalmodikons Return to The Old Country Church


$15 (including postage)

Featuring The Nordic American Psalmodikon Quartet
- Floyd Foslien (bass)
- Beatrice Hole (alto)
- Kathy Pedersen (tenor)
- Joan Saathoff (soprano)

Sample recordings from the CD:

Breath on Me Breath of God
Praise Ye the Father
Hils Fra Meg Der Hjemme

New Psalmodikon Quartet Music CD

Psalmodikon music on a CD

$15 (including postage)

Psalmodikon Component Parts

Floyd Folsien offers component parts and kits for those who wish to build their own psalmodikon.

Here is a note about the components from Floyd:

These are usually the most difficult components for builders to obtain. I can, however, provide all of the other component parts required to make psalmodikons if the builder is unable to make them or find them locally. You may contact me for prices.

I also sell a complete kit of parts to make a psalmodikon for $130.00. This kit instrument is modeled after an antique Norwegian salmodikon (Norwegian spelling) similar to one used by Lars Roverud. He was the "Father" of the Norwegian salmodikon and is credited with using transposition sticks to allow playing in various keys without re-tuning so this kit includes a transposition stick. The parts are cut to size and need only to be glued together, sanded, and finished with varnish or lacquer.

Send orders to:
Floyd Foslien
567 High Ridge Drive
Hudson, WI 54016