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By Beatrice Hole

In 1995 while researching psalmodikon history in Norway and Sweden, Beatrice Hole was invited to attend the 10th annual meeting of the Nordiska Psalmodikonforbundet. Rodney Sjoberg was the founder and leader of this organization with members attending from both Norway and Sweden. That year the meeting was held in Ostervala Sweden and was very enjoyable. It was an opportunity to learn more about the history of the psalmodikon and to meet other psalmodikon players.

As a result of this visit, Beatrice Hole was inspired to organize and became leader of the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet in the United States. The first Psalmodikon meeting was held at the Norwegian Lutheran Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in September 1997. Attending this meeting were 20 new members/psalmodikon enthusiasts and 15 psalmodikons. The membership now averages about 100 members and a Psalmodikon Newsletter is published three times a year.

Their Mission: A Society dedicated to the education and preservation of the Psalmodikon and Sifferskrift Music.

Members of the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet often gather in small groups to play their psalmodikons during the year. Sometimes they present programs to small groups or hold teaching sessions. In late Summer, everyone gets together for the Annual Meeting. These meetings are held in various parts of the United States and several times joint meetings have been held in Sweden or Minneapolis with the Nordiska Psalmodikonforbundet. It is entertaining as well as educational to meet with our “sister” organization from the country where the psalmodikon originated.

The Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet maintains a website with psalmodikon history, music sound files, links to other music sites, a video of building instructions, as well as merchandise for sale such as Psalmodikon Kits, Psalmodikon Songbooks, and CD’s of psalmodikon music.