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Membership in the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet

In a capsule, the mission statement, just recently developed, clearly states a compelling reason why we join, support and remain members of the unique organization.

"A Society dedicated to the education and preservation of the Psalmodikon and Sifferskrift music."

Annual Membership: $8.00

Mail Membership fees to: Beatrice Hole, 6560 Leesborough Avenue, Eden Prarie, MN 55346-2823

In the age of Hip Hop, Rap, I-Pods - you name it, to enter the world of the Psalmodikon is like a breath of fresh air! What people of many years ago discovered in a simple instrument has now enjoyed a renaissance. In the eight years since the Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet was founded, its membership has grown from a handful of interested persons to its current membership of almost a hundred and geographically spans the country from Maine to California, Oregon to Texas, Minnesota to Georgia and many, many points between.

The Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet has been recognized as a genuine organization as evidenced in the awarding of a grant from the Sons of Norway Foundation for the purpose of Development of a unique form of written musical scores called Sifferskrift - a current project that is well underway.

Recognition is far reaching in that we are allied with a sister organization in Sweden and one of the organizations Psalmodikons has found a home in a museum in Norway.

What might the future hold? For these first years, we have tried to develop interest in the Psalmodikon through demonstration, education, individuals getting together just for the joy of playing this unique music together, instructional videos have been produced, a Newsletter has been published several times each year and most recently the Sifferskrift project has been undertaken.

What else might we do to ensure continuation of the organization and expand its outreach? Just dream a little bit - we know that there are Psalmodikons residing in attics, storage rooms and would not it be a wonderful project to discover more of these instruments- to learn of their history and to make sure of their preservation? We could find additional ways to promote interest in the Psalmodikon, broadening our membership base. Don't even rule out a bit of advertising or educational promotion.

Some of our members are skilled in the making of Psalmodikons and we could promote their sale as a way to assist new members in the developing playing skills. We could approach college and school music departments (such as the Hardanger Fiddle Organization has done) which could introduce the Psalmodikon to a new generation of young persons. What else can you think of that would be of value to the organization? - Let us know.

The modest annual membership fee of $8.00 per year - provides some funds to promote some of these ideas and dreams. Your interest and support is valued and we treasure your continued help in the realization of our mission statement.