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Nordic-American Psalmodikonforbundet

Our Mission Statement: "A Society dedicated to the education and preservation of the Psalmodikon and Sifferskrift music. "

Introduction to the Psalmodikon

Girl in Bunad holding a PsalmodikonThe Psalmodikon is a very simple musical instrument, namely to play chorals on. It has the Greek word "Psalmos" - a song). The most simple and least expensive Psalmodikon exists of a narrow wooden box of white wood and a board of where to put on the tacks to hold the steel string. A saddle or a tone divided (classified) catchboard is glued on with a little elevation, over which a string is stretched. The string is fastened on the right side with a tack, and twists on left side around a screw.

The Psalmodikon is a one-stringed instrument played with a bow. It was used for teaching songs and hymns in rural Scandinavian churches too poor to afford organs.

By writing this introduction to the use of the Psalmodikon, I have the intention to my contribution of the betterment of church song in this country. Therefore, the Psalmodikon, for the common people is very superior remedy to teach themselves and learn chorals must be more and more widespread. this has not existed in our language and I have not known of my introduction to the Psalmodikon before this and is long awaited. ---

May 12, 1840 - Christiania Norway - J. A. Lindeman